👋 I'm Tanner Campbell, and I help podcasters solve problems.

I’ve been podcasting since 2010, and in those years I’ve been an audio engineer, studio owner, live sound engineer, top 100 podcaster, writer, speaker, teacher, and growth & monetization consultant. I’m as well-rounded a “podcast expert” as you’re likely to find and my passion is in helping independent podcasters succeed in making a living from their creative output.


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Tanner Campbell

How To Start A Podcast In 2022

In 2022, if you’re just getting around to figuring out how to start a podcast, you’re in luck. Now, without a doubt, is the easiest

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Podcasting Equipment
Tanner Campbell

Best Podcast Microphones for 2022 (Under $200)

There really isn’t such a thing as a list of the de facto best podcast microphones; every microphone performs differently for different voices so finding

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Marketing & Growth
Tanner Campbell

Why should I niche my podcast?

I haven’t talked about this for a while, but the question “why should I niche my podcast” was brought to mind when, just this morning,

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Podcast Politics
Tanner Campbell

Podcasting, Freedom of Speech, and Joe Rogan

In the past three weeks, Joe Rogan has spent more time in headlines than any 3-week period prior – I’m dramatic for effect, but I’m

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Podcast Data
Tanner Campbell

Listen Notes Has A Measurement Problem

Listen Notes is a podcast directory and podcast search engine that, a couple of years ago, starting giving ratings to podcasts in the form of

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